Why did we create Adoreal?

I wanted to share with you why Adoreal was founded and why consumer-led aesthetics is important to me. I’ve spent the majority of my career working in cosmetic clinics and running medical device companies. When I was 20 years old, I started working in my first clinic where I learned the business from the ground up. From ordering supplies to hiring, marketing to even cleaning bathrooms, I obsessed about how to optimize the performance of a clinic.

My favorite thing to do though was to answer the phone and speak to potential patients. Most were nervous and untrusting. They asked many questions and were hesitant to book an appointment or uncomfortable sharing what they really wanted to achieve.  I was patient with them, listened to them, and developed a great sense of what people were really saying and what they needed. The clinic’s conversion of calls to appointments went through the roof and I discovered a talent and a passion.

I went on to help open several clinics in Scandinavia, both invasive and minimal-invasive, and set a new standard in service, marketing, and patient experience in all of the cities my clinics operated.

Despite this success, and the advancements the industry has undergone during my time, I was troubled by how difficult and uncertain aesthetics is for consumers. It didn't surprise me to learn that while interest in aesthetics has grown immensely, 1 in 3 adults are considering a procedure or treatment, 86% of them never set foot in a clinic. The same people I used to talk to are the ones who are overwhelmed by all the available information, uncertainty, stigmatization and lack of trust. I felt consumers of aesthetics were owed something better, something built with their needs as the guiding force. Consumer-led aesthetics.

What this means is that we want to ensure anyone considering aesthetics is guided every step of the way, has a clear voice to express what they want to achieve and given full transparency and access to their records through the whole process. We have created an infrastructure which allows us to help clinics understand the needs of their patients while helping them to deliver a better experience from consultation to surgery procedure or treatment and recovery.

My goal is nothing short of transforming the way consumers experience the aesthetics industry. We’re just getting started but the response has been incredible so far. Adoreal is dedicated to delivering consumer-led aesthetics and I look forward to sharing our progress along the way.

Thank you for taking your time learning about Adoreal.

Kind regards,